Metal Band Logos (plus Clubs, Fanzines, Tattoos etc.)
Vampire Evolution [racing community]  Soleright [modern metal]  Virtuosity [melodic death metal]  Shadowblade [power metal]  Hasthuraz [brutal grind/death metal]  Gently Hate [modern/nu metalcore]  Daemora [gothic/doom metal]  Chris Custom [guitars/amps/effects brand logo]  Asspanther [tattoo]  AuX [booking agency]  Ultimatum [power metal]  Intruder [death metal]  Shed This Earth [nu metal]  Caprophy [nu metal *ONLY REDRAWING DONE*]  Tremor [hardcore/nu metal]  MySvetrov [hard'n'heavy *ONLY VECTORIZATION DONE*]  Instant Suppression [melodic techno/prog death]  Seventense [modern melodic death]  Solar [power]  Adept [melodic power/progressive]  NordOst Rock Fest [metal/rock festival]  Metallurgia [melodic metal festival]  Heavy Metal Party [melodic metal festival]  Yuggoth [death/doom]  Palladium [melodic power/progressive]  Rest In Pain [techno death]  Icewind Blast [melodic sympho black]  Weeds In Vogue [melodic doom/gothic]  Chaos Alter [melodic black]  Catalepsy [brutal death]  Bedazzled [black]  Anemona [brutal black/death]  Soul Pantheon [doom/gothic]  Nordic Star Records [recording label]  Argenta [progressive/thrash]  Dead Forest [pagan/folk/gothic]  Kameleon [sympho black/pagan]  Abnormal Sense [death/doom]  Wolfram [progressive/power/speed/thrash]  Despoth [speed/thrash]  Artemesia [death/doom]  BWE [tattoo]  Godhate [black/death]  Imperia B [bike club]  Lust Embrace [gothic/thrash]  Metal Library [online resource]  Sectaurum [grind/death]  Seducer's Embrace [melodic death]  Vigilia Mortum [brutal death]  Angband [melodic death]  Destroyer [techno thrash]  Enemy [power/speed]  Gromy Peruna [folk/pagan]  Mortium [black]  Tarantula [thrash/death]  Xanthak [sympho black]  Glaurung [black]  Gorbag [black/death]  Dahoc [techno death]  Enormous [black/death]  Perversion [brutal death]  Bauglir [death]  Burned Souls [black]  Godseed [death/thrash]  Gorthaur [prog/thrash]  Intenstine [brutal grind/death]  Gwerig [thrash]  Rotten Angel [grind/death]  Immortal Kascheus [punk/grind/black]  Torment [thrash/death] 

Album Covers

 -   DVD   -     Weeds In Vogue - Buried Until Now  Soul Pantheon - Innocent Souls May Come To Heaven...  Dead Forest -    ...  Anemona - Destructive Power Of Incredible Being  Burned Souls - Tormentum Invictus  Kameleon - Unseen Curse of Green Lizard  Seducer's Embrace - Sinnocence  Seducer's Embrace - [unreleased EP]  Dahoc - Fatal Overdose  Dahoc - Desert Of Malice  Enormous - Damnation Prayer  Lust Embrace - Dead-End Love [EP]  Lust Embrace - Tangled  Perversion - Bleed Zone  Despoth - Double Dream  Enemy - Hidden Foe  Angband - Endless Wargame  Glaurung - The Golden Dragon Tale  Bauglir - Creatures Of Misanthropical Sorcery  Xanthak - Father Of Gods  Intenstine - Witchcraft  Diabolica Machinera - [unreleased album] 

Other (Posters, Magazine Covers, Promo Ads etc.)

NordOst Fest - [Promo poster]  Metallurgia-2 Fest - [Promo poster]  Metallurgia Fest - [Promo poster]  Joker/Palladium Live Concert - [Promo poster]  Endroid - [magazine cover]  [magazine layout sample]  [magazine layout sample] 

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